“Being Good News”

As YFC leaders, we are on this journey through life with the kids and local ministry leaders in our communities. In the context of an authentic, Christ-sharing relationship, our leaders are guiding young followers of Christ on a path towards knowing Jesus more. Ultimately, our prayer is that they will become life-long followers of Christ who will be good news while telling stories of The Good News. 

The more leaders we put in place in the coming days, weeks, months, and year, the more the Good News will be shared. Our dream for this year in the midst of this pandemic has shifted from ministry sites, to small groups. After all, 100 small groups throughout Southern Indiana could make a greater impact than 20 ministry site clubs. But one hundred small groups means at least 200 leaders. Imagine that… 200 hundred leaders not just telling stories of the Good News, but actually being good news to kids who are lost and lonely is this dark and dreary world. Are you ready? Are you ready to join us? Are you ready to be good news to a kid in Southern Indiana?

Find out more by the clicking the link below. We will contact you soon.