2020 Vision

In 2011, a “2020 Vision” was launched to grow the ministry of YFC in Southern Indiana to all of Floyd, Clark, and Harrison Counties. As the year 2020 draws near, so does the completion of that vision. Authentic, Christ-sharing relationships have been initiated in most of the 30 middle and high school communities in the three county area. It is our desire to have established ministry in ALL 30 communities by the fall of 2020. 

But there will still be more work to be done? Throughout Southern Indiana, there are 11-19 year olds falling through the cracks who are crying out. 

Students who, at the end of the school day, aren’t boarding a big yellow bus to head to the comforts of a loving home. They are climbing into a van to head to the local youth shelter. The reasons vary, but the reality is the same. They need hope.

There are young people raising young people. Teenagers who are also parents, trying to figure out their future and wondering not only how their story will unfold, but how the story of the child will as well. They, too, need hope.

There are hundreds of kids still in need of the hope that we are hear to offer. Will you help offer that hope?

If you are ready to join us in helping fulfill our 2020 Vision, click here.